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A Gardening Innovation

This innovation was developed as a solution to a simple problem, I wanted to make mulching safer, easier and quicker and eliminate the hassle of weeds sprouting from the freshly laid mulch.

Our Mulching pellets are 100% organic plant material condensed into a pellet for EASY mulching. 

Mulching pellets offer all the benefits of ordinary mulch without any of the hassles. No Weeds, No Dust, just quick and easy.

Most importantly mulching pellets improve soil moisture retention, and because they are made from premium Lucerne, as they breakdown they act as a soil conditioner, adding organic nutrients.

Organic nutrients released from our mulching pellets improves your soils structure and water holding capacity, as well as boosting microbial activity.

Majors Mulch is the perfect plant companion, ideal for seedlings, veggies, herbs and pots through to mature gardens and gardeners.