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Our Story

Jimmy, Cate & Ted on the swing from my nana's garden

Majors Mulch is sustainably produced on our family farm “Major’s Point” on The Bland, near Quandialla in South West NSW.

The Bland is an area of rich fertile sedimentary flood plain country where the Burrangong and the Bland Creeks meet (and occasionally & spectacularly spread out!)

Local legend has it, that Major Mitchell whilst surveying “The Levels”, as he called it,  became trapped by rising flood water and was stranded on a small rise now known as “Majors Point”, our home.

It’s a cliché, I know, but our home really is where our hearts are.  Josh proposed to me under the warm red autumn leaves of the old grapevine in the garden, we were married beneath the Brachychiton  “BellaDonna” at the entrance to our garden & property and we had our very own Major Mitchell flood experience to tell in 2010, when our beautiful baby girl Catherine (Cate) was born at home during the flood! 

Together with Josh’s parents, John and Janet Curry, we farm 8000 acres with a rotation of cereal, canola and field pea crops and have South African meat merino sheep.  Josh is a 3rd generation farmer on this land. His grandfather Wallace purchased a soldier settler’s block upon returning from WW2, next to a property he managed before the War. He named his property “Donadabu” which means “cool resting place” in Papuan. We feel so blessed to live on the land we love and care for it as custodians for our little 4th generation farmers, Ted, Cate and Jimmy and we hope, many more generations to come.

I am a proud 4th generation farmer, originally from Tullibigeal, where my great grandfather, my pop and eventually my dad and two uncles all farmed until 2006. People say farming is in the blood and for Josh and I the saying couldn’t be truer. I grew up as dad’s little shadow around the farm, studied agricultural science at university and work in the Ag industry, as an agronomist, a consultant for farmers, specialising in soil and plant health.

It was at Tullibigeal, on our family farm “Glenarty” that my love of gardening began.  My grandmother had the most beautiful garden. It was like a wonderland for a little girl who loved exploring, collecting insects and picking flowers to decorate mud pies. Almost every flower I see reminds me of Nan and the smell of jonquils takes me straight back to her kitchen.

Not surprisingly, I am a passionate gardener and farmer.  There is such pleasure in seeing what is happening in the garden and in the paddocks each day.  Alfred Austin captured the essence of gardening so beautifully when he said,

"The glory of gardening: Hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body but the soul."

I’m lucky enough to have about 3 acres of garden, which is mostly a pleasure and sometimes lots of work! In 2009 I was trying desperately to mulch my garden in preparation for the hot dry Quandialla summers, as I do every spring, but this time there was a big baby bump in the way. Our eldest son, (Edward) Ted was due in early October and I was determined to have the garden mulched before he arrived.

I realised how labour intensive mulching can be, pulling apart a bale, trying to gently wrap it in around the small new plants and push it in under the big established ones……oh and the flies and the annoying amount of weeds that then sprout up from the new mulch layer.

I also became concerned about what was in the dust billowing out of the bale as I tore it apart.

 I decided to find an easier, safer and quicker way to mulch and the concept of “Major’s Mulch” was born.

If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

Happy Gardening

Sarah Curry