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Complete Compost

Our premium Complete Compost is a rich blend of composted Lucerne hay, Sheep Manure and wheat straw, slow roasted and aged to perfection.

Complete compost is sustainably produced on our farm by utilising weather damaged Lucerne hay, sheep manure and wheat stubble, which is the straw left after wheat is harvested.

The high temperatures produced during the composting cycle mean there are no viable weed seeds present.

Most importantly, our Complete Compost is high in organic nutrients which will replenish your natural soil levels and feed your worms & soil microbes, who inturn help make nutrients available to your plants, making them happy & healthy.

Improved soil microbial activity also boosts the water holding capacity of your soils and creates an ideal environment for plant roots to thrive.

Adding organic nutrients to your garden is recycling the way nature intended. 


Pack Size

10kg Bag - Hand packed into a recyclable bag