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Farming for the future

Sarah and James in "Morgan" Field Peas

We manage our properties using the key principals of conservation farming practices including direct drilling, stubble retention, and an integrated pest management system.

Our crops are directly sown into the previous year’s stubble without disturbance over summer, so that the stubble remains intact, acting as a mulch layer protecting the soil surface from erosion, minimising temperature fluctuation and protecting soil microbial activity. The stubbles over time breakdown and add organic nutrients back into the soil.

Our strategic rotation plan ensures a balanced and sustainable approach for land use, where different species of crops or pastures provide disease breaks for the subsequent crop and a balanced use of soil nutrients. For example a field pea crop will provide a complete disease break for a cereal crop and a large amount of organic nitrogen from the nodules on the pea’s root system is then available to supply nutrients to the following crop.

We also have a large conservation area of red gum eucalyptus trees where the flood waters pool and provide a protected watering hole for the diverse range of native birds and wildlife.